Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Translation of movement

As I've been looking into 'Black swan' i wanted to see how i could record movement and how this can be depicted through imagery. Initially thinking literally drawing figures and illustrating movement through line and mark making qualities... then i came across Laban Notations!

Laban Notations are used to record the movement of the person in dance and theatre! This set of symbols and lines are confusing at first but caused me and my flatmate to spend hours trying to work out and interpret the meaning of these symbols.

This inspired me to try and find a way to incorporate this in my visual research. I find it fascinating the way movement can be recorded so mathematically, and then become something that looks so fluid on stage. I want to see how I can work with contemporary dance such as above (Infra by Wayne McGregor) and reflect this transition!

Si Scott illustrations!

Si Scott is someone I came across a few months ago and have completely fallen in love with his work. His attention to detail, and line qualities that carry the eye are just enchanting to say the least! it takes my breath away (literally) when I see some of his work and I cant help but feel compelled to use him as a source of inspiration. I want to use his way of curving lines to express movement in my dance imagery and the way he uses this to elaborate detail and give the effect the image is coming out of the page... it's just a case of trying to put these ideas and concepts into form that can be translated into an appropriate design outcome... easy?

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