Friday, 4 February 2011

Thinking ethically!

I wanted to have a look at some of my old work to see how I have developed, and i came across a group project I did at the beginning of my second year at Uni. We were asked to choose a company whom we thought we could re-vamp and develop their collection in an ethical way! Our company of choice was demano. At the time we did the brief, demano used old signs that were thrown away and almost impossible to recycle, the idea was to up-cycle these and give them new life!

Page from presentation - set up to look like the demano website

Doing this course with Regenerate Clothing's May Cortazzi, I learnt so much about the effect of waste and how we are over using our resources, and doing nothing with the left overs...its shocking!! Thats why I really love demano and all that they stand for. 

Page from our presentation on waste management coming from the point of view of CULT clothing!

We decided to follow on and develop their collection, finding new resources and products they could delve into.
this is what we came up with...
I had so much fun sourcing these to make sure it would be credible if i was actually doing it for a business venture, there are so many sailing clubs across the country who say they have massive amounts of waste yet have no use for the broken items, I would love to make this a reality one day!

Product line I put together using actual sails imagery and how they might be applied when manufacturing wearable items and accessories.

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