Thursday, 23 February 2012

I guess its better than the ship in a bottle...?

New installation on the fourth plinth has had mixed reviews. I personally think its allot better than some of the previous works we have had up there, my favourite so far being Alison Lapper.
One of the many comments include how this fits in with the statues already standing at Trafalgar Square, that being the image of authority figures sat on horses. The artist themselves say that it was more to remind us to appreciate the little moments and achievements...


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Belle Sauvage S/S 2012

London Fashion Week

Belle Sauvage Ready-To-Wear

Spring/Summer 2012

I came across this guy promoting his work on a LinkedIn discussion group.
Style of clothing is reminiscent of Mary Katrantzou's S/S 2012 collection but his repeat and mirrored prints are, without a doubt, just beautiful.

Fashion gone rogue

This is a great site! I came across these fantastic prints....
Carola Remer by Greg Kadel for Vogue Germany January 2012
Beautiful colours, whimsical designs, taking dated patterns and imagery and giving them that saturated Pop feeling!

Ever favourable Basso & Brooke S/S 2012

Basso & Brooke never cease to present some beautiful combinations of colour and imagery composed in what might seem haphazardish, but in fact work beautiful when constructed and put onto the body!

Some of my favourites form the collection!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

BT launches ArtBox project celebrating 25 years of Childline

Similar to Cow Parade and Elephant Parade (struggling to find my photos as an example in my huge archive of photos!) But here are some examples of Bristol attempting something similar to jog your memory!

This summer BT are making Gilbert Scott's designed red telephone box into stunning artworks 

• BT marks 25th anniversary of ChildLine with launch of open-air art exhibition in London 
• BT ArtBox project will see leading artists, designers and creatives transform full-size replicas of the iconic red telephone box 
• Throughout June and July 2012, BT ArtBoxes will be on display in high-profile locations across the capital 
• The National Portrait Gallery will host a gala auction on July 18 where the ArtBoxes will be auctioned to raise money for ChildLine 

Monday, 13 February 2012

I want one!!

A pen and digital translator tool! You can draw on the go and have your drawings stored digitally to be developed later on the computer! Genius!

Visit website here

Taxidermy meets accessories!

Facebook is usually seen as a social interactive site, but sometimes someone posts an absolute gem! So as I was rummaging through the facebook wall one day, I noticed a friend had posted a picture of a Seagull stuffed with pearls. No reference to who it was by, so I had to do some investigating...

The artist, Jane Howarth, created this collection entitled 'Bonne Bouche' from vintage 1930s taxidermied sea birds.

…glamorous ladies discard their fashions and adornments and head for the seduction of the shimmering surf and shingle. Upon their distraction scavenger gulls descend and feast on the picnic of kid leather gloves, pearl necklaces and other delightful items left abandoned on the sand. (Jane Howarth)

I have read a few articles and opinions based around this work, along with the artists statement itself, personally I think the piece should stand for itself. I'll give you a moment to make your own opinion before I continue...
So according to the artist, the work is about: 
"how pollution from chemical, radioactive, and nutrient sources, oil spills and marine debris are killing thousands of sea birds. [...] The stomachs of the birds on display are full with what one might see as beautiful objects such as pearls and leather gloves, these are also things that humans have taken from nature to enrich their lives but discard at a whim when (perhaps) fashion dictates. Thus trying to make comment on the effect our lifestyle of lustful consumerism has on the world that sustains us."
I dont think its an awful statement to make, I agree on some points regarding consumerism, but feel the piece holds well on its own, the mystery and form of the objects are far more powerful than the concept created to justify it.

Which brings me to my next find! 

I have to admit that despite the morbid nature of these necklaces, I think they are fantastic!
The combination of beads merging with the remains of the bird carcass' somehow removes any negative association with death, transformed and given new life.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Do-ho Suh

This artist is so underrated in my opinion!

Before going away to Copenhagen, I decided to catch up with any new exhibitions on at some of my favourite galleries. When I was walking around the Tate modern, I stumbled into a room where the entire ceiling was covered in a Transparent Orange Nylon, at the centre of this room was a suspended staircase in the same material.

In some way I found this piece intriguing, the way it was constructed and some of the details it included were impressive, such as a light switch at the base and staircase at top...but not enough to catch my attention fully. Needless to say I carried on walking out of that room and thought nothing of it, until recently!

Many years ago (Too many to remember an exact date now!) I attended one of the frieze art fairs held at regents park! For an art buff like myself, it was like being a kid in a candy store! So many big names and some extremely famous pieces all in one HUGE tent! All for sale! I have thousands of photos from that day, and one particular set of photos always stood out, that of an un-named artist who created miniature figures that stood together to form a sound structure. Stable enough that you could walk on top and amongst them.

        These are the memorable photos from the art fair!

I think by now you'll know what I'm getting at....yes the same artist!

It baffled me how Do-ho Suh could create one piece that is so striking, while the other lacks any real impact! the fault here, i believe is with the presentation!

London, Tate modern
Istanbul, Unidentified

 Look at the difference between the two exhibitions! It pains me to see such an understated piece at the Tate for such a brilliant creator, due to what I can only assume to be, lack of sufficient space!

Annoyingly I remember at the time, in the Terbine hall, there was a HUGE installation of which several images and short movies were being projected upon. This impressive structure would have done well in a smaller space in my opinion, and swapped with Do-ho Suh's work, would have made much more of an impression!

I wont rant on too much about that as it trails of from my actual intension, which is to convey the brilliance of something so simple! (Even better if presented in a way to best promote it!)

If you'd like to find out a bit more about this South Korean Artist, this website has a good interview an examples of his work:

Here are some of my favourites!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Not so different after all

This is a really interesting correlation between math, science and art!

If you like this then check out the next two links, These get a little more mathematical but stick with it, al very interesting!

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